Moles Are the Bane of My Existence

If it wasn’t for Singapore aesthetic centre, I’d doubt I would have gotten rid of these darn moles that keep popping up on my face and arms. Actually, I probably could have found another place that would have removed them, but I doubt they would have done as good of a job as this clinic did. I’ve been plagued by these darn things my whole life, and have had them removed with varying degrees of success over the years. Some places do a great job, and others leave scars or only partially remove them.

The Singapore centre did the best job on them I’ve ever seen. Especially the ones on my face. Now when you’re having anything done to your face that involves cutting or freezing or scraping, you get pretty nervous about it. It’s so easy to leave a mark. The people at the centre really know what they’re doing, though. They took their time and didn’t rush anything about the procedure. Sometimes you get people who are in a hurry, but that wasn’t the case here. They removed three moles that had popped up on my skin over the last year or so and they got them off without leaving even a faint whisper of a mark.

I’m so pleased with the work they did that I just know I’ll be going back for another visit soon. This time around I think I’m going to have them work on my arms. The moles on my arms are usually much larger than what shows up on my face, and they look so unsightly that I’ve taken to wearing long sleeved shirts just so people can’t see them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have them do some other work as well. They do fillers and wrinkle reduction and what woman wouldn’t like less wrinkles?